Using .mac (trial) how to get web page uploaded



okay, so i signed up for .mac and am pretty sure i want it, but i want to take advantage of the 2 free months.

i made a web site using mozilla, saved the first page as index.html

i got a "working web" in a folder on my desktop but i cant get it to be seen on the web

my address is tp:// (outdated link removed)

i managed to get it to work the first few times i copied the files to my sites directory in my idisk, but after updating it a bunch of times by simple drag and drop it stopped displaying the new site. i deleted the contents and tried to copy all the files back into and empty sites directory.

now i can see all the files for my site in the sites directory but when i go to the actual address, all i get is the "we're sorry......homepage cannot be found."

am i doing something wrong, or is there some sort of upload limit per day or hour or what. i dont know what to do, please help me. thank you


I made a very stupid mistake that it's very easy to overlook... If the folder you upload to iDisk starts with a capital letter and then you type the address in you browser all in lowercase it won't find it.


It works perfectly here!

Just a side-note: Will you be using the other services of .Mac? (other than the webspace and email)

If you mainly just want a website and email, might I suggest that you would find it cheaper and more flexible to purchase your own domain name ( (outdated link removed) with hosting. Many users do not realize how simple this is.

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