USB to Lighting Adapter and Samson USB Meteor Mic

Nov 26, 2012
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Hey Everyone,
This isn't a support question for me, but useful compatibility information that others may need.

I ordered the USB to Lighting adapter from Apple for my 64GB iPod Touch 5th Gen. I also wanted it for photo importing to Lightroom Mobile on my iPad Mini.

I use a Samson Meteor Mic for my youtube channel and I really love the sound and portability that I get from that microphone. But being USB powered and inputed to the system. This means if I record outside or on the go. I need a computer device to power it. The built in sound on a DSLR like my Canon 600D and 70D is a complete joke. Now I have a really good wired mic from Audio Technica, but nothing beats the deep pro sound of a cardioid microphone like my Meteor Mic. Thus made me look for a way to hook up my mic to my IOS devices. I knew Apple had the USB to Lighting adapter, but understood it was for importing photos as there was little to no power coming from that port. Turns out most USB microphones don't take much power at all to run and work great under USB 2.0 settings. So I ordered the dongle connector and I can confirm that it works.
Now keep in mind it is slightly buggy, but fully functional.
I can open the Voice Memo App and record quality audio, however I haven't yet got the Camera video option to record sound. This is likely due to being a power drain. But video is what I got my DSLRs for.
But using the Memo app, just plug in the mic to the adapter, then plug that in. Once the light lights up blue, you can record studio quality sound right into you IOS device. However if you stop recording and you let your device go to sleep. You need to unplug the microphone and plug it back up after waking the device back up to use it again, or it will not record any sound. But after you understand that part, it works very good.
Also to import the voice memo, I just plug my iPod up to my Mac and go into Final Cut Pro. Go over to audio and scroll through the list to iTunes and it will list Voice Memos. Just drag the track into your video and do a quick audio sync. Then your good to go..

So I hope this helps anyone looks to do the same.
BTW, I have a video on my youtube channel about this microphone if anyone is interested.
Camera Audio & Samson Meteor Microphone | Photo Talk - YouTube

Joe :)

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