USB audio (Not working)

Dec 7, 2008
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Hi, i am using Tritton AX720 headset, its a gaming headset that i bought for my PS3 it is MAC compatible but when i record (with any program) it starts out fine but within 30 seconds to a minute it starts making robotic crackling buzzing sounds and my speech amplifies it, i would also like to point out that i am using a decoder/amp with this headset i know its not my USB slot i have seen a few forums with people having the same problem with any USB microphones not my specific ones.

But now i have a hole new problem!, i ended up backing up the file "AppleUSBAudio.kext" onto a USB flash drive then deleting it from system/library/extensions/ > AppleUSBAudio.kext ....

then replacing it with an older version as directed to from another forum, as soon as i did that my Headset doesn't show up anymore i even repaired disk permissions restarted ect. after that i deleted the older version and replaced it with the one i backed up from my USB flash drive (the original one), DUN DUN DUN it still didn't work.

No USB headsets showing up anymore i even repaired permissions restarted Again but no luck..........

Anyway this really sucks and if anyone here can help me it would be greatly appreciated:D

EDIT: YES i'm saved guys after 4 hours today and about 2 yesterday i fixed my problem! i installed a new version of (wacom tablet driver) and it now shows up under sounds!

i still didn't fix the crackling sound if anyone can help me with that i would appreciate it.

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