Urrrgh, keypad not recognized



Help! My keyboards numeric keypad (stack o' numbers on the right side) aren't working. I do the old num lock on off trick but does nothing. The rest of the keyboard works fine... inlcuding volume controls above keypad. Just the numbers and 0 and . don't work! If I shutdown or re-log in it doesn't change a thing. However, when I logout and login underr a test name, then it works? Not understanding why and how to fix!
Driving me mad! Any suggestions??



What kind of Mac is it? Sounds like it is something involving the account for some reason. Possible solution would be to create a new admin account I guess.


try this

Take your user name the one that it is messing up on. if it is a admin name then create a new admin name under it an use that name then if it works just transfer all of the stuff from the broken name over to that name such as prefrences one at a time. being shure that the key pad works each time you put some thing else over to the new one. It could be a corrupted file or say some setting you accidently hit or some thing. This might take a while but it should work.

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