updated macbook, then all froze?????

Feb 19, 2009
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hey fellas,

I have a macbook (white) approx 2 years old, wioth mac osx

i updated my macbook (automatically asks every week) Downloaded whatever it needed (approx 210mb's) when it was done it wanted to restart the computer for installation. So when the computer came back on (almost 10mins) everything was extremely slow. I cant do anything with it right now. If i click on "applications" get the dreaded color wheel for 10 mins then folder opens but shows nothing in there for anotherr few mins.

This happened to me about 5-6 monthsd ago when i updated macbook. At that time i fought and fought to try to figure out what was wrong but no luck, i ended up[ re-installing mac osx disks and all was well. Tried that this time and when i click "install mac osx and bundles" it says computer needs to restart first. So it restarts then nothing happens. Goes back to same place.

This thing has me going crazy, im on the wifes pc now. Im ready to fire it in traffic and buy a new mbp. :|

Anyone have any ideas what to try? If i remember correctly when this issue happened before it had to do with an update on itunes. Not even sure what i downloaded/updated lol. I tried deleting "itunes" then it said it could not delete as itunes helper was running???????? Although itunes wasnt running. Dont even know how to check to see if anythings running in background, lol. And if i did it would be a 4 hr ordeal to get there aty this speed, lol

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