Trouble with WPA in XP

Mar 12, 2007
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I use bootcamp for my Macbook, and on OSX the WPA is working wonderfully. However on XP, i can get a ip address, able to connect to the router, but I cannot connect to the internet.

I am using WPA-PSK TKIP setting.
I have tried

Wired ---------- OK
no encryption --- OK
WEP ------------ OK
WPA-TKIP ------ doesn't work
WPA-AES ------- doesn't work

and I am sure that my WPA settings are correct because i've been using a DELL that works with the same settings, and my roomate uses a DELL with same settings.

Password is definitely not mistyped.
I have no known language options set

And this only happens in my apartment while I am in Davis. At home my WPA works (or worked when my brother was using this computer, i haven't went back for 3 weeks).

Any advice would be very helpful.

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