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Mar 9, 2005
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Philadelphia, PA
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Core 2 Duo MacBook (home); Core Solo mini (work)
I'm having difficulty with a print server I recently bought. Setup is:

Trendnet TE100-P1U print server
Macbook, running Tiger
Canon PIXMA MP160 printer
(also a 3Com OfficeConnect router which does not seem to be part of the problem)

I connected the print server to the printer and am able to print from a Windows XP machine with no problem (at least, as soon as I loaded the MP160 driver). I've been trying to install the printer on the MacBook without much success. I've tried using LPD, IP printing, Bonjour, even the HP JetDirect Socket (which I know won't work, just desperate). Each method recognizes that SOMEthing is present at the IP address of the print server, but when I try to send a simple print job (Text Edit file reading "This is a test."), it either vanishes into the ether or the printer status reads "Device is busy; reseding in 30 seconds."

Additionally, despite downloading and installing the specific drivers for the MP160 from Canon's website, the Printer Setup Utility does not seem to realize that I have the specific drivers available; I get "Generic PostScript Driver" as my only option (there is of course a Canon list in the driver list, but the MP 160 is not listed despite having run the install and rebooting.)

Despite Trendnet's advertised "24/7" support, no tech has been available for my particular unit when I've called. (They always want to arrange a callback when a tech is available, but I can't just sit home waiting for the phone to ring.)

What scares me a little is that the user manual with the print server makes mention of Rondevouz, not Bounjour.

Am I headed back to CompUSA for a refund?

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