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Mar 2, 2010
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I have recently bought a new MacBook Pro. I need to transfer everything from my old Desktop G5 via a firewire cable.

I did so, using Migration Assistant. I followed the instructions carefully. The transfer took place. But there are two very serious defects.

First, no preferences were transferred, so, for example the Address Book had none of the large number of addresses in the G5, Firefox had none of the web addresses etc. How can I transfer the preferences?

Secondly, all the files and folders transferred were read only! So they were useless. How do I transfer files and folders that are not read only?

I have seen an alternative method, ie making a backup using SuperDuper then making a clone to go into the new Mac. I have made the backup but how do I put a clone onto the new Mac?

Help will be greatly appreciated.



You need to wipe the MacBook Pro and do it again. I have no idea why Migration Assistant didn't work, but that's (obviously) not how its supposed to work. I've done literally hundreds of migrations and never a problem, yours is in fact the first EVER report I've seen of a problem.

You're best off wiping the drive, reinstalling the system and doing the migration again. That should fix things.
Dec 12, 2009
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Not sure if you did what I did ... (?) I got my new MPB home and set it up with my old user name (not e-mail user name, but Mac user name) just to try it out. A few days later, I used MA and over came the stuff ... but I was locked out of all the files due to MA insisting on a new user name. At first, I thought I could rescue matters by moving stuff via the shared folders ... but this would have been a huge undertaking. I started over again, having first erased everything on the MPB. Once I had done that, all was well.


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