Total format



Switching has not gone as smoothly as I hoped it would have. And so I would really like to have a clean start with my PowerBook, which to me means a total format and reinstall. I have all the disks to hand as well as the manual, but before I embark on a reinstall I would first like to know how to do a total format.

The details surrounding why I want a total format are a culmination of a lot of things. And by having a fresh install I feel that I would be able to start my relationship with Mac on a better footing.

Please advise in regards to a total format and reinstall.



Boot from the installation disc (restart with the CD in the drive and hold down "C" until the disc loads). There will be an option to format, although I don't remember if it was called format or what, but you'll be able to figure it out. At least this was the case when I installed Panther.

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