three more switchers



Well, my ibook is now slightly over a week old and its been an interesting week. I've pretty much got 3 people switching or in the process of switching because of it.

1. My wife. She was feeling a little under the weather this weekend and spent most of it surfing the web, chatting, and watching movies from the couch. The 12" ibook is the perfect size for this. Every time I came into the room she would pull it a little closer and give me this look or even says "I like my new toy." Looks like I may have to get another one... His and her ibooks? Maybe I should buy a 14" ibook or a powerbook so we can tell which one is which more easily.

2. My mom. I told my mom about the deal I got. She had been thinking about dropping $500 on a used PC laptop. Anyway, she has used a Mac in the past and told me pick one up for her, as she couldn't make it to Microcenter yesterday (the last day of their sale). Funny thing is last time she used a Mac I think was a pre-G3 PPC running OS8. She's in for a bit of a surprise. Don't think she's seen OS/X yet!

3. A fellow Linux geek - I brought a friend of mine with me to Microcenter. I'd promised him I'd bring him along next time he went. He played around with the G5 a bit. He found out his fav game (Medal of Honor) is available on Mac, as is X11 so most of his Linux stuff will work. Sounds like he'll be buying one as soon as he gets enough money saved up.


as soon as people play with them they usually want to switch. so what made you switch in the first place


CaptainMack said:
as soon as people play with them they usually want to switch.

Yeah, I had my Mac at my local game store last weekend, and one of my friends wanted to get on AIM. I set up her screen name on iChat, and within 5 minutes she went from "I can't use this!" to "I want one!"

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