The Switch from a PCer to a macaddict



Hello there. Ever since I got my mac in dec o3, it's been hard for me to stop talking about it, or thinking about it. I grew up using PC's, and still own and use one. Also, I use to be a mac hater..saying outlandish things like: "macs crash just as much as pc's, and the adobe creative suite runs just as well on PC's." I then began attending an art institute for a degree in graphic desing. I was immediately overwhellmed with macs. Every design class I've taken has been on a mac. And I started loving them....though the schools suck more than most...they're abused.. I decided I needed to get a mac. I talked my grandma into helping me buy it, and now I have my very own 12" PowerBook G4, and it's amazing. And to retaliate against some saying that PC folk are better off staying with alive...I don't know how I was eveer fully a PC man and so agaisnt mac. I only had a few problems with my computer at first..but I put in the wonderful restore cd, and it fixed that one problem in no time at all. I will always have a pc, but I must say I consider myself a macaddict now. ;)

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