The Sims 4

Mar 31, 2015
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Hi all. This is my first post, and I wanted to talk about how the Sims 4 is running on my early 2015 MacBook Pro (basic edition, no upgrades.)

First of all, I love my Mac. Just the other day I sent a love letter to Apple telling them just how much I loved it, as it is my first. Going into my purchase I knew that Macs were not built for gaming the way some Windows laptops are. That being said, I am super surprised how well this computer runs a new game like the Sims 4. I am playing the game on mostly medium settings, with character models and objects on high, and I rarely suffer from any type of lag or framerate issues. Gameplay is very smooth. The one annoyance is, should I place my cursor at the top of the screen, or the bottom of the screen, the dock pops up.

So, to anyone who is on the fence about purchased The Sims 4 for Mac, worry no more. It runs, at least on my machine. Also, a tip: Even though Amazon list the digital download of the game as Windows only, the code it generates is used in the Origin launcher and will allow you to download the Mac edition once the code is redeemed.

Good luck Sims fans!

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