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Nov 16, 2011
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hi boys and girls

i have just got my first macbook 1.1 from a friend and i am loving it but there is a few problems my cd drive doesn't work neither dose my battery and it is full of his old stuff i am told if i want to update to the new operating system i have to put new ram in. i was thinking of doing this myself how hard would it be? and what ram would i need to get?

any advice would be great




You do not yet really own that Macbook if your friend's crap is still all over it.

Back up anything of yours you've added to the machine, then buy a Snow Leopard disc for $30 (and an external DVD drive), ERASE the hard drive completely, then restore your stuff. If you were on Lion before you did this, you can then use the Mac App Store to buy and download Lion.

Then and ONLY then will that machine actually be yours. And yes, you should buy and install additional RAM if needed. It's not generally difficult, varies a bit with the particular model you have.

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