terminal user config nightmare

Mar 24, 2015
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hi, i just started to use mac terminal, sorry for newbie question.

basically, while logged in as an admin I reset the user privileges in the terminal with export ("\U \$") or something similar, I don't remember correctly. Anyhow, I could cd back to the original user, but each time i restarted the terminal I got the message:

## cd /Users/Berzins ##
No home directory: /Users/Berzins
You have new mail.
Linards:/ Berzins$

so as I understand I was in root, ok.

After I restarted iMac i am back in Linards:~ Berzins$ , BUT (HUUUUGE But) I don't have any of my original software, settings, preferences, its back to factory settings. Is there a way to login back to my original user?

Many thanks


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