Terminal commands for connection monitoring

Apr 1, 2015
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I sometimes visit a remote location that doesn't have 3G cellphone towers close by, but with a 3G antenna connected to a pocket 3G wireless modem, I can get an internet connection at decent speeds, by pointing the antenna at the horizon. However, the connection can be flaky. If its cloudy the connection may drop out and during business hours it won't stay connected as I guess the tower drops connections with devices where there are long delays between between packets. Its happy to connect at night and on weekends. I constantly ping a server as a keep alive and heads up to the connection being active, but a successful ping does not mean you can browse the web. In Network Diagnostics it will show a yellow or red icon next to Internet and Server when web browsing can't be performed. But I have to run this manually and its exhaustive looping through it all day.

Is there a terminal command that monitors when a full connection is established to enable web browsing? I want better visual feedback than just a stalled browser. And is there a better keep alive terminal packet (similar to ping) for 3G network connections?

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