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Mar 9, 2004
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Miami FL
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G4 1Ghz OS X 10.4.7
It's just an opinion, but I think if any ex dealers or what have you have any problems Apple will make them right or close enough. But I think that with how Macs are now, the quality of the hardware and OS is second to none and clearly demonstrates Apple's good intentions. In other words, this isn't a great time to hash out old gripes, even if I don't really know what exacly they are. My family's switch to Apple has been awesome - we have bought 4 new Macs since Christmas all running sweet If any company needs to have business and competion methods checked out, HMMM who could that beeee.... Oh I just dunnoooo... Could it beeeee M$aaaatennn??!?! :) :rolleyes: :p


I agree, but at the same time it isn't exaclty that the tell on mac folk are getting at. I e-mailed them..and it's some very good...well...pretty good points. It seems apple is snubing out the little guys...and trying to go all out on there own...which is pretty good....apple has great software and hardware...but by limiting even more where you can get apple products, it seems to be making third party hardware and software companies at least think about not supporting mac.....(like adobe...shouldn't have a problem with them too much for a while..but they have begun to stop supporting macs for some software already....can you imagine apple not being able to run photoshop, illustrator, or InDesign? My career as a mac user would be over....cause that's what I'll be using for my survival in the business world. Now sure, apple could make there own version of those programs...but it would take years and years to get people away from adobe programs, and personally I don't think it's possible).

I'm really not too worried....from what I've read...the main adobe products will still be available for macs for many years to come...but if apple isn't careful...the future could be harder for them.

But I love mac...and either way I'll always have one from now until I die :)

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