Sync Outlook contacts & calendar between Mac & PC

Oct 3, 2011
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Campbell, CA
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Late 2007 MacBook Pro, original iPad, iPhone 4S
Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble finding the right sync program for my sync needs. I have a Windows 7 Professional desktop system and a MBP running OS X Lion and Outlook on both of them (Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 and Outlook 2011 on Lion).

I'd like to find a sync program that will let me:

  • Keep selected data directories in sync
  • Keep Outlook contacts in sync
  • Keep Outlook calendar in sync
  • Not use any cloud solutions (data never leaves my control)
  • Keep my Safari bookmarks in sync with my IE favorites

So far the closest program I've found to my needs is SyncMate ( for $40. But, I need to contact them to see if it'll sync my bookmarks/favorites.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other programs (can run on either platform as long as it works) that may fit my needs?

Thanks in advance!

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