Symantec Ghost in parallels

Mar 19, 2007
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I am new to OS X and just recently bought a Macbook. I installed parallels because I do a lot of "side jobs" and all of my customers are Windows based. What I need to do is use Symantec Ghost to create images or dump images to user's machines. I installed Windows 2003 in parallels and attempted to create an image of a Windows XP machine. It was on the same subnet as my Mac\Server, I could ping the machine I was trying to image, and could ping the server. When I boot up into ghost on the xp machine it says it cant find the ghost server. I turned off the firewalls on the server and xp machine, but this did not resolve my problem. I'm guessing that the OS X firewall may be blocking the ports ghost needs? Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue? Is anyone doing the same thing? Is this possible? Any help would be appreciated.


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