Switching From A PC



Ok I have been an avid PC user since the days of DOS and would consider myself (at least my friends would) a Windows expert. I would just like to say I have been pleasantly surprised by Panther OS. It is so intuitive and what I like mostly about the machine/ os is that commands that took 5 steps in windows (ie uninstall) takes 1 on a Mac.

When fixing friends' computers I always wondered how the average user was supposed to know any of this stuff but like I said with a Mac it seems that all that geeky stuff has been hidden away.

The online help is pretty awesome and the techies at apple.com are even better. I have looked at Mac OSX books and have a 10.3 book and I keep saying to myself where’s the meat, it seems as if, if these guys didn’t cover the ilife products you’d be buying a book of around 100 pages or so.

I’ve had my fair share of problems getting up and running don’t get me wrong but working through the networking/ connectivity issues (with my PC of course) taught me alot. So basically for all you Windows switchers if you enjoy simplicity, hang on in there you will be mastering the system in no time, I guess we all suffer from a bit of functional fixedness.

Oh and as a tidbit for $10 there is a software that transfers everything (email folders, contacts and calendar info) from Outlook to Entourage (or any other mail program on the Mac). I used it flawlessly yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see it do something everyone keeps telling cant be done without much pain. Anyway its at www.littlemachines.com.

Happy New Year to you all.

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