Switch to iMAC... One last Question.....

Sep 23, 2011
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I recently threw out all of the families Windows PC's and replaced all of them with MAC Pro's and 1 iMAC. The iMAC is our main computer and all of the MAC Po's are for the kids for school. With that in mind I have been trying to consolidate all of our iTunes to the iMAC.

After reading numerous post I thing I have been successful in getting all of the apps transferred by simply plugging the device in and selecting transfer purchases.

Now I would like to do a sync but my question is about DATA... When I select sync I get a message that tells me "This device has previously been synced with another computer. Do you want to erase everything and sync with this computer"

I have been able to transfer the purchases over but did this bring the data for these apps over as well. If not is can I find the data on the other computers and bring it over to the iMAC? I just don't want to do a sync and then blank out everyones app data that they have. The data I am concerned with is the contact data, notes data, and other PIM data from purchased apps.


Someone else with more experience that I will be able to answer your question, as I'm having a lot of trouble understanding exactly what your situation is (your post uses a lot of terminology I would associate with mobile devices like iPhones rather than Macs -- also, giving Mac Pros to the kids and iMacs to the adults sounds a bit backward but I wonder if you're adopting? :)

Anyway, just as a point of reference, Mac is short for "Macintosh" -- it's not an acronym so it doesn't need to be capitalised. PC, on the other hand, *should* be capitalised -- since it stands for "Personal Computer."

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