swf editor and google search bar




I have ordered my G5 bi 1.8 and will get it before end of the year I hope...

I have already questions before the switch that I would have like to get cleared.

1. is there anywhere a software to edit .swf files and another one to get them saved from webpages ?

2. is there any way to highlight the google results when doing a search from the mac's google "toolbar" ?

3. when do you think virtualPC for G5 will be shipped?

4. are any new screens to be shipped that will match the new G5s?

5. is it possible to plug a normal screen on a G5 ? (I mean without dvi input a regular PC screen)

Thanks for your comments. Anyway I still cant wait to get my G5!!! (I already stopped to install security updates on my PC machine...)



1. I haven't found any.
2. If you're talking about the Safari toolbar, I don't think there is. :-( Hopefully they'll add this feature to a new version of Safari.
3. Soon probably. Microsoft owns it now, and they want to sell more OS's.
4. If you mean the aluminum-with-holes-in-it look, no, I don't think so. Not yet.
5. If it's like my powerbook it'll come with a Digital->VGA adapter that will do the trick.


Thanks for your reply.

btw. I am also after an application that could to the following:

When you click (right button) on a picture file then it would show a thumbnail of it (like picaview for windows)


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