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being a complete technophobe I have a problem...a new ibook and no idea how to use it. 5 disks came with asked for 2 when starting up...1 and 2 of ibook software restore(didn't ask for 3 of 3). Do I need to put this in too? what is the hardware test disk for? and the mac osx install disk too? sorry to ask stupid questions. It says the ibook has a dvd player but when I try in put a dvd in it says 'serious dvd drive installed'.

Please help!!!
sorry if this is the wrong forum for this kind of question!
Feb 25, 2003
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:) this is a macintosh, if you dont want to do something, you don't have to.

Not sure why you had to use the first 2 disks at all.. unless its from a friend.. if this is a new iBook, you shouldn't have to install anything, everything is pre installed for plug in and play.

The hardware test disk is for testing your Hardware with in your iBook, you shouldn't need it.

the MacOSX install disk is just an extra that you could use to reinstall your ibook with out all the software restorations.

the 3rd disk is probly programming and development software, you probly wont need it, or its extras.

All you should do is go over to your blue apple in the corner (top left), and then select system preferences, then you will see a blue refresh button it looks like.. to arrows pointing in a cirular fashion, somewhere in the middle of the perference panel. Click on it, then click check for new software, this should run a check online of all the software you don't have and should get. Check what you want and uncheck what you don't want. (keep in mind, if you have dialup this could take along time to download it all, so this is all optional) then press install.

otherwise your iBook is upto date and ready to fly!

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