Strange startup behavior with Boot Camp

Apr 16, 2007
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Stockholm, Sweden
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Macbook, first revision. 2 GHz Core Duo, 1 GiB RAM.
Hello fellow Boot camp-users (or anyone intrested).
I have a first revision MacBook, from May 2006, and I have been its only owner. Part of the reason I bought the MacBook was that I would be able to run Windows when no other option was possible. However, I have occasionally had problems with booting up Windows XP, and I wonder if anyone else have experienced the same.

Sometimes when Windows XP (recently _very_ often) the computer comes up in some kind of erroneous state, where the mouse pointer is covered with a lot of garbage, the fans are running abnormally much, and the system only sees one processor core. After logging in I get a lot of messages about that "the memory could not be read" with programs crashing until finally windows gives in and just restarts (I don't even notice a bluescreen flashing by).

The reason I'm writing this now is that it has returned (after being dormant for many months), after I had the webcam replaced by an Apple service site (it disappeared sometimes). Alternatively, the reason may be related to that I recently installed boot camp 1.2 drivers.

If you have the same problem, or have had the problem and solved it somehow, please write about it!

Specs: MacBook, early revision. Core Duo 2 GHz, 1 GiB RAM, DVD+-RW burner running OS X 10.4.9/Windows XP SP2 (all updates applied to this date).

Erik Larsson, Sweden

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