Spongy trackpad button - advice please



This is my first post having recently made the leap to Mac.

After much deliberation I bought a 17" Powerbook G4 direct from the apple store. I'm totally thrilled with it apart from one small niggle - the trackpad button. The button seems very spongy and almost has a double press to it. I don't have any other 17" Powerbooks to compare it to but having been to PC World and played with the 15 and 12" models their trackpad buttons were much more direct and had much less travel in them. Is this just an unfortunate feature of the 17" or do I have a duff button?

If the button isn't all it should be what if anything can be done about it short of returning the powerbook?

Thanks in advance for your help



Apple Menu->System Preferences->Keyboard and Mouse->Trackpad-> turn on 'Clicking' and 'Dragging'. Now (like most PC laptops if you've had one) you can click just by tapping on the trackpad and drag by double-tapping then dragging whilst the second tap is still held down. Shouldn't have any need for the button any more :)

If you're not too comfortable with that though it might be worth taking it into an Apple store and see what they say. It's generally a perfect machine, and the last thing you want is an imperfection troubling you throughout your time together.


BTW, my F1 and F2 keys suffer fromo the "spongy" feel you described. All the other keys are ok, but you have to *really* press those two keys to get them to respond.

edit: fixed it! I started pulling the keys up as if trying to remove them and look underneath, but didn't have the guts to continue in case they broke. And believe it or not, that cured it :confused: :D That's the second oddity I've cured like that.... the first, the metal border was sticking out a bit on the screen next to the grey plastic trim as if it were peeling away. I gave it a good squeeze and it was resolved.

Good luck with your trackpad issue, maybe you can find some odd way to cure that :)
Mar 27, 2004
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Mine feels the same... never really bothered me though. It works all the same. If your concerned then return it to the Apple store and ask them to check it for you.

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