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Sep 17, 2008
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Start Date on Mac and Treo Tasks

I have switched from Windows to Mac (purchased a new MacBook Pro w/ Leopard two weeks ago, and really like it), however there is one thing I have not found a solution for on Mac that I do on Windows--and it's a critical part of my daily work. I can accomplish it through Parallels, but it requires me to be logged in to Parallels all day, and that's not always a stable solution and has some drawbacks I'm trying to avoid.

I use a Treo 755p Palm OS phone and I use Chapura's KeyTasks to manage my tasks. On Windows, this syncs directly with Outlook through HotSync. The reason I use this is because Palm's built-in Tasks software does not have a "Start Date" field, which I need. Since switching to Mac, I have tried to figure out a system of managing my tasks that does not require "Start Date", thus being able to sync with iCal, but it's proven unmanageable for what I do. So, I am hoping I can find a solution for Mac.

In other words, I'm looking for software on Palm that has "Start Date" in its Task app, that can Sync with Entourage or SOHO Organizer (both have "Start Date" on Mac), or even something else I haven't found yet. OR, perhaps there's a plug-in out there that enhances iCal with a "Start Date" field?

This kept me from switching to Mac from Windows for two years, but finally I decided that using Parallels for this was worth it. It just limits me to using MS Outlook and MS Office in Parallels, when I'd really rather be spending all of my time in Mac OS.

I have seen OmniFocus for iPhone, but I am still in contract with Sprint on my Treo and OmniFocus requires a phone app, a Mac app and a sync app...also quite expensive to cancel my Sprint contract 6 months early. Using Parallels is my last resort option. Switching to iPhone/OmniFocus will be my 2nd to last resort option (there are things about OmniFocus I'd like to avoid) if I can't find a better solution.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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