Small Business Accounting Software - Australia

Oct 24, 2011
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hi guys,

i am looking for an app to cover my small business accounting.

my business is based in australia.

the business currently has an employee base of 1 (me), so a large payroll function is not really required. i just need to be able to track all the incoming and outgoing business payments and expenses; such as GST, vehicle expesnses, inventory, customer purchases and business purchases (and the 101 other things that i cant remember right now.)

if it makes a difference, part of my business includes selling some items on ebay.

i understand that you get what you pay for, so paid apps are no problem, so long as they are worth the price. (free apps will always be worth the price, even the duds.)

i would like to avoid web-based programs.

any suggestions and questions will help enormously.


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