slowly switching



lately I've had an almost irrational urge to try out a mac, so I went and ordered an eMac, combo drive, 80 gig hdd, and 640msgs of ram. I'm thinking that minght need to be upgraded to a gig of ram sooner or later. Well, yesterday morning it came, and all I can say is wow. Even the box looks nice, let alone the computer itself. I spent all morning poking around, seeing what all their is included, and installing a few things. (tinkertool, desktop manager, fire, and of course fink.) Now I find myself wondering why I didn't switch to a mac years agø. After 5 years of using linux on the desktop, its rather amazing to see such a polished interface, and such integration. Its simply a joy to plug in my camera, and have iphoto pop up right away. Expose just plain fun to play with, and I could just keep going on. Its going to take a few days to get used to everything, and quite possibly at least that long before I get everything transfered off of my linux desktop onto here and setup how I like, but I'm already sure I won't be useing anything but macs anymore for quite some time.

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