Slow downloads in Snow Leopard

Feb 3, 2010
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I posted this issues under hardware, but I'm beginning to think it's a SL issue rather than hardware... so here i am:)

I just bought an imac. i bought it from a certified dealer, and it's only a year or so old. i had the newest version of snow leopard installed (along with microsoft office 08'). It's fantastic! Everything runs really smoothly, except that my download speed for EVERYTHING is ridiculously slow. It took me 8 minutes to download a short itunes song. the latest iphone update took a couple of hours, it took 25 minutes to load firefox, etc etc. I reset my internet (wireless usually), connected to ethernet, ran a speed test and got 290kbps. i also have a 3 year old macbook running on tiger. everything i tried to do on that (through the same internet connection) was running at a normal speed. i just put some more RAM into my macbook and upgraded to snow leopard, and now my macbook is running at the same super slow rate!

this seems strange because i didn't buy the family pack of snowleopard, i bought two different disks even from different dealers, so i'm quite sure it's not the software i downloaded. SL was loaded onto my imac by the dealer i bought it from, and the other sl was loaded onto my macbook by me. any ideas?

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