Slide show Problems

Nov 29, 2006
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I am brand new to Macs, Mac Pro 2gig ram. I made a slide show from I photo and found that I could only load one track of music which wasn't enough to cover the 115 images in the show. Had to edit way more than I wanted. Friend tried Photomagico for me but it doesn't have batch transition and you can't tweak the multi tracks very well but we made one there with the 115 images. It played perfectly on the computer. We burned it to dvd in I DVD and it played lousy with moier or aliasing or whatever they call it when we used the Ken Burns effect for motion. Details just jitter all over. Not acceptable! When I made these in Prowshow Gold from Photodex on a PC they didn't have these issues. Anyone know of a slide show program that works? I looked at IMovie but that doesn't have it all either and is a Little beyond me at the moment.
All help deeply appreciated.

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