SIRI - Learning My Language/Accent

Jul 8, 2011
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Just wanted to post something INCREDIBLE I taught myself the other day about SIRI. It's not flawless, but I want everyone to jump on board (if they haven't already) and tell me other things she can learn.

TO THE POINT: I say the word "Nex" rather than "Next" in sentences like, "Next track" to switch to my next song I'm listening to. At first, Siri didn't understand what I was saying when I said, "Nex track." But then a brilliant idea came into my mind: put it under shortcuts! I went to SHORTCUTS and put in "next track" under phrase, and "nextrack" under shortcuts and BAM! She understands me now!!!!

I've tried to apply this to text messages like, "gotta go" but all she ends up putting in my text is "Go." Can anyone figure out why she does this? I even added "gottago" in my shortcuts and she still fails.!!!

If someone has more time than I do to figure out other phrases people generally say that Siri misunderstands, please list them in this forum!!!

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