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Adobe Photoshop/After Effects Problem

I have just installed Photoshop CS on my iMac. It appears to have installed no problem, all the folders are there and it said installation was succesful, but when I click to open Photoshop nothing happens. No error message, nothing!

I just upgraded to Panther and decided to clear out unnecessary files(this was before trying the installation). One such file was a Photoshop 7 trial that had gone beyond the 30 days, I confirmed erase on this folder. Could this have affected opening Photoshop CS?

I also tried putting on Adobe After Effects trial and the same thing happens. When you click on the application, it doesn't respond. It does, however appear in the recent applications short cut in the finder.

Anyone have any suggestions? It seems to me to be something with my computer as it is affecting both applications.


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