Should i buy a cube??



at the moment i own a full spec powerbook G4 12" model and i feel i need a cheap 2nd hand Mac to use for backup and general use. i am at university at the moment and use the PowerBook for everything. but when looking on eBay i found that a 17" monitor and cube is only going for around £400. is the cube worth using for backup and general use like using the interent in my room? and what are your views on the Cube? surely i couldnt go wrong, its a classic! cheers


Try to get a Dual 450 or better Dual Powermac! OS X works really well on the older dual processor models. You'd be a lot more happy with a Dual-processor Powermac than a Cube. Search for older Dual G4's on Ebay. In my opinion the Cube only has better aesthetic appeal.

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