Sharing hardware with Parallels?

Mar 10, 2007
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ok well i know that you need to share you harddrive with parallels to install windows. well i was installing vista and it says that i didnt have enough ram. so in the options of parallels i switched it up to the what i needed. then it got me thinking. so what happens if i use as much ram as i could or use all the video memory. i mean it will only use it when parallels is on correct? its not like you are permanently giving up that video memory or ram are you? i am just wondering. i wanna play games on parallels and i dont want to use boot camp. i play call of duty 2 on the mac side and wow it runs beautifully!! it does get hott, but whatever. anyways also, with this new version of parallels its so slow? why? i mean the other/older version ran strong and fast like i could use it for gaming. but with this new parallel version it just very slow and i dont see myself using it for gaming. so say i go back to the older version and then i make the ram and video card memory to the max (which isnt much) its only gonna use that stuff when parallels is running right? also my last question is how do i get parallels to use 100% or as much as the macbooks power for a heavy program that needs juice WITHOUT considering bootcamp. thanks!!

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