Shared Folder - Yosemite > Windows 8.1

Nov 4, 2014
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I am new here but I am glad I found this forum. I have a problem that I have been racking my brain trying to fix with no luck. I reached out to Apple Support and after two weeks they are also unable to help and we keep going back and forth.

A few months ago I setup a shared folder on my Mavericks machine that my wifes Windows 8.1 machine could access (photos, music, etc..). Everything worked fine and I set her up a username name that could access this folder. I recently updated to Yosemite and as soon as I did the Windows 8.1 machine can no longer access the folder. Every time you try and access the shared folder it says the credentials are incorrect. The odd thing is I get this even after I granted permission to 'everyone' to access the folder. I tried to access the folder on an old Windows 7 machine and it works perfect.

I am at a loss with this and apparently so is Apple. We have disabled and enabled everything a few times now to no avail.

Anyone have any advice that they could possible add?

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