Setup FTP server behind Airport & Router



Hi everyone...looking for some help on setting up an FTP server on my iBook behind the Airport Extreme Base Station and a Linksys 4 port router. I am using Crush FTP, but I am open to other suggestions for GUI based freeware that may be better.

I have the server up and running but have trouble connecting. I think the mapping is correct and associated with port21. I think problem lies in the Airport's set to use the IP addies and I have one mapped to port 21, but Crushftp wants to use the IP's associated with the router. If I change the Airport to use the IP's the signal is lost and I can't connect to the internet at all.

Can anyone think of some things for me to look for...change...etc.?

Unfortunately I am at work and the iBook is at home so the details may be a little fuzzy! sorry....

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