Serial interface for a Powerbook?



I was seriously considering buying a Powerbook but it dawned on me there is no serial port. As a network security professional I have to have the ability to plug into the console port of switches, routers, vpn concentrators, etc.

I really like OS X security functions so I would love to find a solution to this issue.



So how well does that work? I'm looking at getting a powerbook within the next month but I need to be able to interface with HVAC Control Systems. Either through proprietary software (PC crap), or through a terminal emulator such as Zterm. I have a standard mac serial port to DB9 cable that works great. Wondering if the USB to DB9 serial adapter works well. Or if the USB to Mac Serial Port Adapter (Keyspan USA-28x) works? I can easily use the cable I have with the second one.


P.S. This is the last thing I have to figure out before I decide powerbook or PC. :p


Ja Ne!

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