Safari eating all my Resources?

Oct 16, 2006
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Birmingham (S), UK
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20" iMac Intel Core Duo 2 (Standard)
Now I know I've been less than regular on the forums that I'd like to be but I'd still like to steal some of your knowledge :p

Can anyone explain to me why Safari might be stealing all my RAM, now I'm no expert on this but surely it shouldn't be using 511Mb of RAM compared to 115Mb (Firefox) And Firefox is very clunky.

It's not like I have alot of Windows open or Plug Ins installed either, I am currently browsing 3 Sites and the only Plug IN turned on is SafariBlock and Inquisitor?

Anyone got any suggestions?

Also for some unknown reason Activity Monitor won't start which has got me thinking there is something more suspicious at hand...I used a Widget to see what my Stats were.

Cheers for any help you can provide.

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