Safari Can't Connect to the server

Nov 27, 2011
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Hi Mac Newbie (and server administrator too!)

I am fumbling around setting up two iMacs and a MBP on a home network...its killing me!!! of the million issues is this.

When I am in Profile Manager on the server, and i click on the little link to get me to the "user portal" to setup profiles....Safari launches (attempting to get to https://server.local/mydevices) but shows the following error in the window...

Safaru can't connect to the server.

Safarai can't open the page https server.local/mydevices

because Safari can;t connect to "server.local"

Any clues as to how i can get past this???

PS. Am running latest iMacs, latest software etc etc (Lion OS X etc etc)

Many Thanks

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