Running Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta on Mac

Jan 17, 2010
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Hi all,

I seemed to be in a situation where I am out of ideas on how to run battlefield bad company 2 on my Macbook Pro. First, I set up bootcamp with more than enough memory partitioned with windows 7. After installing steam and the most recent nvidia drivers (and those with the snow leopard cd), my mac still can't even run the beta on the lowest video quality without lag. I know its the Beta and Dice says the servers are having problems but this still shouldn't be as my roommate has no trouble at all with his pc even though my dedicated memory and shared system memory are extremely similar. I have the 9400M series graphics card as all new Macbook Pros have upon purchase although I did buy more memory as an option. Maybe increasing FPS would help? I tried messing with the video card settings but all has failed. I also have to take into account I can't overclock it as there is no option in the Nvidia control panel for this model of graphics card.

My second action was that I could try and figure out this rumor I've heard of running steam on Mac itself without parallels or bootcamp. Turns out there was a steam download specified for mac itself on this website. I was a little bit cautious, however, once downloaded steam worked perfectly! As everything seemed to fall into place I ran into problems finally downloading the Beta for Bad Company 2. There is a program called Microsoft VC Redist Package that needs to install and run before beta can launch. It all downloaded fine except for this program. Unfortunately, it needs this program in order to run. I downloaded Counter-strike Source to make sure this wasn't just a problem with this steam for mac. Source downloaded and ran perfectly fine.

My main question here would be if anyone knows if there is a substitute or a way to download this Microsoft VC Redist program for mac? Or if anyone out there has got this beta working on theirs? I just couldn't understand why my mac ran the beta so poorly on windows 7 after messing with settings in every possible way. At least figuring out a way to run it on my mac operating system would let me know if it was windows 7 or my pc as a whole.

Thanks, Reid.

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