Rubber Feet for Powerbook




3 out of the 4 rubber feet on my powerbook have fallen off. I have contacted apple, and they have told me I have to pay $20 for these little bits of rubber....even though I payed $350 for the applecare. Also, I have heard that I can bring my powerbook into an applestore and they will put the feet on for free. Everytime I have gone in, they have not had the feet.

So does anyone know of any websites where I can get them cheap?



well it seem there are 2 kinds of the lil rubber feet...if you like me with the rev A powerbook they are an almost molded piece, and the second rev is think was just a round piece of rubber....i went to my apple repair depot and they were able to have to feet to but a a buck a piece but they still didnt match the ones i had from original but anything is better than a bunch of scratches. im sure you could even go to a Canadian Tire type store and pick them up there

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