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Rip DVDs from other regions, not currently set on my internal DVD-R Superdrive?



Rip DVDs from other regions (eg. 1 + 3) on my region 2 Superdrive DVD-R?


My question is about ripping DVDs from regions other than that currently set on my Powerbook 15".

I have a region 1 disk and my PB is region 2. Is it technically possible to copy the data on the dvd (DVD backup 1.3 etc.) while avoiding a change to the DVD hardware region code.

DVD backup for example, requires authentication from DVD Player before you can encode the disk. (the bottom line is that I want to copy the disk without its region code so I can play it to the region my PB is currently set, or on my DVD player).

Is this possible? Any advice on this, or the region code issues? No firmware update is available for my drive, so can't go that route.

Thanks in advance for help



Thanks for the reply.

I'm aware that software can rip out the region code (I'm depending on it) - but can it do it without authenticating the drive first? I tried Mac the ripper and it wont rip without autheticating the drive to another zone first. I can't even play dids from other regions on VLC - I've heard the drive in my new (and latest) Powerbook is somehow super locked to prevent these sorts of software work-arounds.

Can anyone confirm this?

If anyone has had joy with the above software, then let me know. Can you rip direct or do you create a video_ts folder first?


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