RIP Archos Gmini xs200

Aug 9, 2006
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20" iMac aluminium. 500GB, 4GB, 2Ghz and whatever else is in there...
So my little Gmini died today, the right channel is br0ken and I can't really repair it. I'm after an iPod, probably the 30GB on account of the size of the 80GB.

I was just wondering, how long does it normally take to deliver a personalised iPod straight from the apple online store in the UK? I'm seriously considering one, because after using my Macbook and iTunes for a while, I like the idea of having a mini iTunes in my pocket.

Can anyone tell me what the picture quality is like on the iPod too? I'd want to put scaled down versions of all my photos on my iPod, but was wondering, is the screen nice? Is it in the same league as the PSP, obviously smaller, but is it as sharp and clear?

In other words, should I jump in and buy an iPod?

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