Restoring iPhone 4 to 4.3.3 with saved SHSH blobs

Oct 14, 2011
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I had downloaded Cydia on to my i4 4.3.3 (8J2) 4.10.01 . I had a brown icon and another icon which was a green downward pointing arrow with installous written in white, underneath it. I saved my SHSH blobs with tiny umbrella and somehow got diverted to iTunes. As I had read that it was adviseable to back up my phone through iTunes I was not overly concerned, however it seemed to re write my phones software and by the time it had finished it had upgraded it to 4.3.5 (8L1) 4.10.01 which I really didn't want. Although I had originally had Cydia on my phone I was uncertain if I had actually jailbroken it , this however is immaterial now as I have to get my phone back to 4.3.3 so that I can rejailbreak it untethered. I loaded Tiny Umbrella again and my SHSH blobs have been saved locally. But no matter what I have tried I can't get Tiny Umbrellas TSS Server to open as it seems to want to use port 80 on my macbook OSX 10.5.8 . On investigation many things use port 80 TCP Hypertext Transfer RFC 2616 ,Protocol (HTTP)/etc/services=http, Port 80 is used by World Wide Web, MobileMe,QuickTimeInstaller,iTunes store and radio,SoftwareUpdate,RAID Admin Back Up, iCal CalenderPublishing,iWeb,WebDav, (iDisk),FinalCutServer,Airplay,OSXLion,InternetRestore.
I have tried to configure the App. Firewall choosing System Preferences,Security, Firewall . and not managed to do the right thing. An error 1646 did come up at some point but it seemed to disappear, I also have custom ipsw files on my desktop at present if they might be of any use.
Please can someone advise me on how to reinstate my 4.3.3 firmware , and then regarding recent events at JailbreakMe .com, advise me of the best jailbreak at this present moment, and if there is or likely to be an Unlock anytime soon other than RebelSim or Gevey Sim
many thanks for getting this far, perhaps you have got some suggestions.
Nick Abbott

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