Random horizontal lines of "dead pixels". What to replace?

Jan 2, 2007
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macbook 2.0 core duo white
Macbook 2Ghz Core Duo- Random horizontal lines of "dead pixels". What to replace?

I have an older macbook that's been my trusty sidekick. It's a 2.0Ghz white Core Duo model.

A while back it started having an intermittent horizontal line appear about 1/4 up from the bottom, especially when cold.

At first I could just move the hinge a bit and it would go away. Now, not so much. It sometimes adds additional lines beneath the one that started it. I've found that I can squeeze the lid/display on the right side and the line(s) will go away for a while but soon return. I have taken it apart and removed the display assembly and everything seems to be connected securely. There was no change after taking appear and reassembly.

This computer works perfectly for what i do with it and the speed is more than adequate. I would like to fix it but I don't know where to start....

Should I start by replacing the ribbon cable(s) or just jump right to the display?

If the display is suggested, any recommendation on where to get a 3rd party replacement that will fit correctly???

Thanks in advance for any advice. If you've solved this problem on a macbook already, please help a fellow out!

Thanks and Best Regards!

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