Radeon PCI VS. Radeon AGP question.



Hi, I'll start off by thanking you all for any input you able to offer, now on to the questions.

My current system has a "Radeon 7000 PCI Mac Edition" video card in it, but I have an AGP slot PowerMac, go figure. THe only way I can get Quartz Extreme working is to run a hack, and it actually degrades my system performance. I was wondering if any of you have an ATI Radeon AGP card, if so how well does it work for every day GUI related 2D things. i.e. navigating the drives, video editing, photo editing, iTunes visualisation performance...

I'm asking this because my box seems like it wants to move faster, but can't, like it's being held back by the video card. Also, how is your DVD playback? THe Radeon AGP card I'm looking at is the one that has DVI/VGA/S-video output and double data rate memory, 32 megs of it.

System specs are to the left. ;)

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