Quirk with iStat Menus 2.0 (SL)

Jan 16, 2010
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Recently, I installed the new version of iStat Menus (2.0) for Snow Leopard. Soon after, I noticed that, when viewing two of the menus - for CPU and Memory (RAM), specifically - the last piece of data in the top sections of each menu is cut off. And there aren't options, within the preferences, to change the font size, or the graph size, in order to make everything fit correctly (which is especially weird, since the previous version, 1.3, even included these options). I realize this is mostly a cosmetic problem - since I can still read the data, even partially cutoff - but I can't stop wondering why it exists in the first place and why I can't fix it.

I've attached an image of the issue, showing, as an example, how it affects the CPU menu (and cuts off the idle data).

Has anyone had the same problem, or have any ideas how I can rectify the problem? I appreciate any help!
istat menu - cutoff data.png

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