question about wireless router.



i finally got my wireless router last night and was able to set my network without any problems. But, I have couple of questions about home networking. The router is made by SMC and i have two pcs and 15' powerbook. anyway, i have a two choices to protect my wifi network, by wep and wae(?). i was wondering which one i should use.

also, my two neighbors also have wireless set up, so everytime my powerbook wakes up from sleep mode( by closing and opening the powerbook), it connects to one of my neighbors signal, not mine. I think this is because i currently use WAE(?) to protect out network and requires entering a password. Although my password has been added to the key chain, so i dont have to re-type every time, but still pain in my butt to reselect my network. So, is there anyway I can make our network to be the default from my powerbook.

Jul 25, 2004
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Gaithersburg, MD
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Mac Pro 2.6ghz Quad Xeon, 23" Cinema
Under system preferences under airpot you can tell it to connect to specific network or automatically connect to one.

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