Question about uploading a slideshow to the web

Sep 15, 2007
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Hello everyone,

I have created a photo slideshow using iMovie, and I would like to upload it to the Web to share with friends and family via URL through e-mail. Here is the problem...I know that I can upload it to iWeb, but I am not wanting to compromise too much of the quality of the slideshow. I tried using iWeb, and the slideshow appeared in a much smaller window than I wanted, and the video quality wasn't that good. Do I need to have an actual website created, then upload the slideshow to that website, and then finally share that URL with friends in order for them to view the slideshow, or is there a better, cheaper alternative? Mind you, I already have the slideshow that I want created with all of the transitions I want..I just want to upload it to the web and share it in the best quality possible.

Thanks for your help!

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