question about temperature and smcfancontrol

Nov 11, 2011
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hey so i know this is kind of a popular topic on here but i have a question. my macbook pro was getting ridiculously loud and hot from the fans and whatnot. so after some research, i found some info here and downloaded smcfancontrol. i also found a site where it gave me step by step instructions on how to go into my macs coding or whatever and alter the fans and blowers to make the computer run longer and faster. i did that and it did help a lot to help the computer run much faster and it seems to have extended my battery life by a very noticeable amount as well. after setting the smcfancontrol to about 3150rpm as well, my mac seems to be staying around 110 F - 120 F, which is definitely way less than what it was at before. but my question is is this normal for it to still be this hot and is there any way i can lower the temperature anymore?
Sep 16, 2011
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as you say this has been a popular topic on here - members worrying about temperature.

this is a link from a more recent post.

please note Vansmith's first post #4 where the advice is the computer with self shut down prior to anything bad happening due to overheating, so don't worry. also the temp of your system being 110F seems normal given that 80F is described as very low in the above post.


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