Question about iTunes Music Folder (does it copy all my music when I import)?

May 17, 2007
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So I copied over 80+ GIGS of music from my PC to my Mac. I placed it all in the Music folder. I also notice that there is an iTunes/iTunes Music folder within that music folder. When I import my music, does it automatically make copies of everything into this iTunes Music (not sure exactly what it is called) folder? So after I import my music, I can just delete the original copies, correct? There's no sense in have double the amount of music on the HD...

Also, is there anyway to import ALL folders at once rather than selecting each song at once?

Let me know if I have explained this well, or if you need a better explanation of my problem/question...

Mar 11, 2004
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In iTunes' preferences, under the Advanced tab, you can choose to "Copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library."

If that is checked, the music files will be duplicated into that folder. I leave it unchecked because if it's full of mp3s or whatever, duplicating the iTunes folder as a backup in case the playlists and/or artwork screw up could approach the impossible, unless you separate the music files. It's just a needless complication.

Sorry, I don't know the mechanics of importing from a PC.

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